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Goat Sheds

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 Our Goat Sheds...
  are fully portable, durable little shelters, and quite versatile to accommodate all kinds of animals including ponies, sheep, goats, llamas etc... being very affordable yet quality constructed.
  Like all our other structures you have many options (listed below) to add to your goat shed to fit your specific needs.
  KT Custom Barns offers a wide variety of animal sheds/shelters, so be sure to check out our other barns/sheds.
  Call us today at 330-893-3500.
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      Standard Features and Extra Options available on Goat/Pony Sheds are as listed below.
                                     Please contact us through our contact page for pricing and any questions you might
                                                            have by filling out the form or calling us at 330-893-3500.

    (Call us for a free brochure and price-list mailed directly to you, or
download our price-list below)


Standard Features on Goat Sheds Include:
  • Metal Roof (Shed Style) (40 yr warranty on rusting, fading & peeling) (17 colors to choose from; see colors here)
  • Choice of 3/4" shiplap pine or 3/4" solid oak (enclosed on 3 sides)
  • 3/4" Oak Kick Board (all around inside of shelter area)
  • Metal Corner Brackets (on all four corners for easy portability with loops for chains/ropes and also stability)


 Extra Options Available on the Goat/Pony Sheds:

  • Metal Siding (for a maintenance free shed; see colors here)
  • Tack Room (storage area)
  • Drop Vent (wood vent that drops down)
  • Aluminum Windows (with screen on one half)
  • Wood Divider Wall (to seperate stall areas)
  • Enclose all Four Sides (with door/gate to enter)
  • Steel or Wood Gates (to enclose shelter area)
  • Wooden Hay and Grain Feeder
  • Salt Block Box (for grain and/or salt block)
  • Metal Hay Rack (flat or corner mount)
  • Corner Grain Feeder (corner mount)

   See Photos on Goat/Pony Shed Features and Options Below

Metal Hay Rack
 (flat mount)

Metal Hay Rack
 (corner mount)

Wooden Hay Manger & Salt Block Box

Corner Grain Feeder

Metal Corner Bracket

Drop Vent

Aluminum Window

Wood Hay and Grain Feeder

Metal Gates (red or black)

Wooden Gates
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