Standard Features on our Shed Roof Chicken Coops Include:

Additional Options available on our Shed Roof Chicken Coops Include:

QUALITY PORTABLE CHICKEN COOPS...​ Whether you live in the city or in the country you can have fresh eggs in your backyard with our shed roof and mini chicken coops. Our shed roof chicken coop is also great for your kids 4H project! 

With many great options to customize your chicken coop and several different sizes available you can create a chicken coop that is perfect for you. A great option to add to our shed roof chicken coop is the outdoor attached run, keeping your chickens in your backyard and safe from predators while they feed on natures food and basking in the sunlight. The Attached Run becomes essential when roaming space is limited or when there is a concern for predators.

Our chicken coops are delivered fully constructed ready for same day use unless otherwise specified.

Delivery is available on all our chicken coops. 

*Note that our shed roof coops will fit in between the wheel wells of a truck bed giving you the option to haul it yourself!

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Standard Features and additional options on our Shed Roof Coops are listed below.

  • Outdoor Run (keeping your chicken safe from predators while feeding on nature made food)
  • Metal Roof on Attached Run
  • Coop Stained (see colors here)
  • ​Additional Hen Door 

Shed Roof Chicken Coops...

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  • Metal Roof (40 yr warranty on fading, staining and peeling) (17 colors to choose from; see colors here)
  • Pine Framing
  • 3x4" Pine Shiplap Siding (staining or painting recommended)
  • 4x4 Pressure Treated Skids
  • Edge Gold Flooring (not treated for healthier of eggs and water resistant)
  • Man Door (with removable plexiglass and chicken wire for ventilation)
  • 2-Hole Nestbox
  • 1 Hen Door/Ramp (easy access for chickens, door folds down into a ramp)
  • Egg Collecting Door (easy access to eggs outside of the chicken coop)
  • Roosting Poles
  • 1 Window (with half screen for additional ventilation)