KT Custom Barns LLC Portable Barns Construction in Millersburg OH

Quality Portable Garden Sheds... Need outdoor storage? Set one of our garden sheds in your backyard or by your garden for garden storage. Declutter your garage from those gardening accessories with our garden shed. Plus have easy access to your gardening tools and supplies when you set the garden shed near your garden. The garden shed is the perfect backyard structure whether you use it for garden storage, potting house or turn it into a pool house! Our garden shed would make the perfect pool house plus empty your garage of those pool supplies and easy access to store close to the pool! Our garden sheds come in many different sizes and several different options available to customize to each individual needs. 

​KT Custom Barns offers a wide variety of barns and sheds so be sure to check out our other portable structures.

Standard features and extra options on our Prebuilt, Portable Garden Shed is as listed below...​

You can contact us through our contact page by filling out the form or by phone at 330.893.3500, with any questions, orders or if you would like a brochure and price-list mailed directly to you. You can also download our price-list below here.

  • Double Doors (wood)
  • Siding Stained (see colors here)
  • Vinyl Man Door
  • Wood Vents
  • Additional Windows
  • Ramps

Standard Features on our Garden Sheds Include:

  • Metal Roof​ (40 year warranty on rusting, fading and peeling; 17 colors to choose from; see colors here)
  • Shiplap or Poplar Siding (needs stained or painted)
  • 2x4 Pine Framing
  • 4'x6' Pressure Treated Skids
  • 2x6 T&G Treated Flooring
  • 4' Porch
  • Steel Corner Brackets
  • 1-3' Wood Man Door
  • 1 Aluminum Window
  • ​Tyvek

​Garden Sheds

Additional Options Available on our Garden Sheds: