KT Custom Barns LLC  Portable Barns Construction in Millersburg OH

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Quality Cabins... built for recreational, storage or personal use. Our cabins are versatile making them great for just about any use you can think of from a backyard entertaining structure or guest house to a hunting cabin in the woods. You can keep it basic to use for storage purposes or finish it out for living quarters. Our cabins come in many different sizes and you can choose from our pre-built design or custom order a cabin to better fit your needs and style. You cabin will come prebuilt ready for same day use unless specified otherwise or if size exeeds the legal hauling limits. We will set your cabin on a prepared site in your backyard, woods or wherever you take us too. Need help preparing your site? We can recommend you to a local company we prefer to use ourselves.

KT Custom Barns offers a wide variety of barns and sheds so be sure to check out the rest of our site.

Standard Features and additional options on our Cabins are as listed below.


  • Additional Doors (vinyl or wood)
  • Additional Windows
  • 6' Porch
  • Ramps
  • Wood Vents
  • ​Stain (recommended for wood siding; see colors here)
  • Rough Cut Siding
  • Metal Roof (40 yr warranty on rusting, fading and peeling) (17 colors to choose from; see colors here)
  • ​Shiplap Pine Siding (staining or painting recommended; see stain colors here)
  • ​4x6 Pressure Treated Skids
  • 2x6 Treated Tongue & Groove Floor
  • ​4' Porch
  • ​Steel Corner Brackets
  • 1 Aluminum Window (with half screen)
  • ​1-3' Man Door or Double Doors

Additional Options on our Cabins Include:

You may contact us by filling out the form listed on our contact page or by phone at 330.893.3500, with any questions, quotes or orders. Or to request a brochure and price-list mailed or emailed directly to you.


Standard Features on our Cabins Include: