KT Custom Barns LLC  Portable Barns Construction in Millersburg OH

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Additional Options available on our Walk-In Chicken Coops Include:

  • Attached Chicken Run (to keep your chickens safe from predators, multiple sizes available)
  • Metal Roof on Attached Run
  • Choice of Stain (see colors here)
  • Feed Room Wall (creates a storage area inside the coop; making feeding and caring for your chickens easy)
  • Weather Vane
  • Egg Collecting Door (easy access to eggs from outside the chicken coop)
  • Additional Nest Boxes
  • Additional Hen Doors 

Walk-In Chicken Coops...

​QUALITY PORTABLE CHICKEN COOPS... Our walk-in chicken coops are one of our most popular structures, with the versatility and design you will quickly see why. Our walk-in chicken coops come in several different sizes with many custom options and sizes available! Some of our most popular options available include the Feed Room Wall, you can add the feed room wall making access and chores easy to care for your chickens. Another popular option is our Attached Run, making it an essential need if outdoor roaming space is limited or when predators are a concern, it will keep your chickens safe from predators while feeding on natures food and basking in the sun, both being important for healthy chickens and eggs. Our Egg Collecting Door is another great option to add to our chicken coops, making egg collecting easy from the outside of the chicken coop. 

Our chicken coops are all built to last a long time and won't fall apart when the first strong wind sweeps in. They are very portable with our steel corner brackets or pre-drilled holes in skids for ropes or chains to move with your riding lawn mower or ATV. 

Our walk-in chicken coops are delivered fully constructed ready for same day use unless specified otherwise.

Delivery is available on all our coops.

KT Custom Barns offers a wide variety of barns and sheds so be sure to check out the rest of our site.

Standard Features and Additional Options on our Walk-In Chicken Coops are listed below.

See the photo gallery of our Chicken Coops at the bottom of this page for more ideas....

  • ​Metal Roof (40 yr warranty on rusting, fading and peeling) (17 colors to choose from; see colors here)
  • 3/4" Pine Shiplap Siding (Staining or Painting is recommended: see our stain colors here) 
  • 4'x6' Pressure Treated Skids 
  • 2x4 Pine Framing
  • ​Edge Gold Flooring (water resistant and untreated for healthier eggs)
  • Man Door (with removable plexiglass and chicken wire for ventilation)
  • 3' Mesh Floor with Cover (under roost for easier cleanup and additional ventilation during the summer)
  • 4-Hole Nest Box 
  • 1 Hen Door/Ramp (easy access for chickens, door folds down into a ramp)
  • 2 Roost Poles
  • ​1 Aluminum Window (with half screen for additional ventilation)

Standard Features on our Walk-In Chicken Coops Include:

Walk-In Chicken Coop