Standard Wood Dutch Door

4' Wood Divider Wall

Divider Wall with Grill

Metal Hay Rack (corner mount)

QUALITY PORTABLE RUN-IN SHEDS... Are your animals protected from the harsh weather? You can do so with our portable Run-In Sheds, by setting one in each of your pastures you can have the comfort of knowing your animals are comfortable and protected when harsh weather arises. Our Run-In Sheds are perfect for all kinds of animals whether you have horses, ponies, cattle, llamas, alpacas, goats etc... 

Here at KT Custom Barns our specialty is all the different options available to customize your Run-In Shed that will fit yours and your animals' needs. If you need additional weather protection you can add our hinged lean-to to your shed  and/or enclose your Run-In Shed with gates or doors. We offer several options on doors for our Run-In Sheds to better accommodate your needs. Some of these include but are not limited to: dutch doors, slider doors, metal gates, and wood gates. Some add additional protection from harsh weather and others offer your animals more freedom to the outdoors. You can order your shed with wood or steel siding for a maintenance free option. 

KT Custom Barns offers a wide variety of animal barns and sheds so be sure to check out our other portable structures.

Standard Features and Extra Options on our Portable Run-In Sheds are as listed below

Wood Gate

Corner Grain Feeder

Steel Framed Wood Vent 24"x36"

Steel Powder Coated Window Grill

Economy Run-In Shed

Wood Grain and Hay Manger

Metal Hay Rack (flat mount)

Slider Door

4' Deluxe Wood Dutch Door

Additional Options Available to add to the Run-In Sheds:

Steel Framed Dutch Door

3' Standard Wood Man Door

See the photo gallery of our Run-In Sheds at the bottom of this page for more ideas....

  • Gable Metal Roof                                    (40 yr warranty on metal) (17 different colors to choose from; see colors here)
  • 1" Rough-Cut Poplar Siding                   (stain or paint recommended)
  • Solid Oak Framing                                 
  • 6x6 Pressure Treated Skids  
  • (2) 7' Openings                                        (into horse shelter area)​​
  • 4' High Solid 1" Oak Kick Board           (all around inside of stall areas)
  • Corner Brackets                                      (on all 4 corners of the horse barns for easy portability and stability of the barns)​
  • 8' Sidewalls

18"x27" Aluminum Window

Vinyl Man Door

Standard Features on Run-In Sheds Include:

  • One Sided Metal Roof
  • Shiplap Siding
  • Pine Framing
  • 6x6 Pressure Treated Skids
  • (2) 9' Openings
  • 3/4" Oak Kickboard
  • Corner Brackets
  • 8' (front) - 7' (back) Sidewall

Deluxe Run-In Shed

  • ​​​Upgrade to Metal Siding (for a maintenance free barn; see colors here) (40 yr warranty on metal)
  • Divider Wall with Grill on top half (to divide stall areas)
  • 4' High Wood Divider Wall ( to divide horse stall areas)
  • Man Door (wood or vinyl)
  • Slider Door (to enclose your stall opening to further protect your horses from harsh weather) 
  • Dutch Doors (to enclose your stall opening to further protect your horses from harsh wind and rain)
  • Windows 18"x27" (for additional lighting)
  • Steel Powder Coated Window Grills (to cover any windows so your horse is protected from the glass)
  • ​Wood Vents (use instead of windows in stall areas for horses to experience outdoors while inside their stall and additional lighting)
  • Salt Block Box (made of wood for grain or salt blocks)
  • Corner Grain Feeder (plastic, corner mount)
  • Wooden Hay Manger
  • Metal Hay Rack (Flat or Corner Wall Mount)
  • Metal, Galvanized or Wooden Gates (to enclose horse stall areas)
  • ​Clear Ridge Cap (a great option for lots of natural light in your barn)
  • Hinged Lean-To (additional weather protection for you and your horses; a popular option**)
  • Cupalo (when you add a cupalo to your barn it not only looks great but adds air ventilation as well)

Steel Gate (Black)

Steel Framed Man Door

Steel Gate (Red)

3' Deluxe Wood Man Door

ECONOMY MODEL (features)        DELUXE MODEL (features)

You may contact us by filling out the form listed on our contact page or by phone at 330.893.3500, with any questions, quotes or orders. Or to request a brochure and price-list mailed or emailed directly to you.

 Wood Vent 24"x36"

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