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Portable ​Walk-In Chicken Coops...

many different sizes and several styles available to custom order


Portable ​Mini Chicken Coops...

Quality, Portable Chicken Coops...Whether you live in a city or in the country we have a chicken coop to accomodate your needs with the many different sizes and several different styles that we offer. Whether you want several chickens or many our portable chicken coops have you covered. With our chicken coops being one of the most popular of our structures you will quickly see why with the versatility and many great options available to fit each individual customers needs. Our Chicken Runs being a must have option for your chicken coop are great to keep your chickens safe from predators while they can stil roam outside in the sunshine. With our egg collecting door you can easily access your nest boxes from the outside; you don't even have to enter the coop to gather your eggs.

KT Custom Barns chicken coops are delivered fully assembled ready for same-day use unless specified otherwise. * Note that our Shed Roof and Mini Chicken Coops fit between the wheel wells of a truck bed giving you the option of hauling your chicken coop yourself. Call us today to order yours at 330.893.3500